About Us


The British Association of Stroke Physicians BASP was established in 1999 to promote the advancement of stroke medicine within Great Britain. Our members are all practising doctors who care for patients with stroke, with the aim of providing the highest standard of care. We value our diverse membership including physicians from a range of backgrounds and clinical roles. Some stroke physicians look after patients throughout the pathway, while others have expertise in a particular specialist area. Some stroke physicians provide care exclusively for patients with TIA/stroke, whilst others provide care to patients from their parent speciality: for example, general medicine, geriatric medicine, neurology or rehabilitation medicine. Many of our members have academic roles in stroke research. Our members also contribute to continuously improving the quality of stroke care according to the best available evidence.

Our aims

The overarching aim of BASP (The British Association of Stroke Physicians) is to promote the advancement of Stroke Medicine within Great Britain. BASP does this by several means including:

  • Developing and influencing local and national policy on stroke
  • Providing expert advice on all aspects of stroke care
  • Leading on clinical standards for stroke
  • Promoting and disseminating research in stroke
  • Improving and assuring the training of doctors in stroke medicine.