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I am currently  Clinical director of Neurosciences at University Hospital of North Midlands and Honorary Senior Lecturer Keele University. . I am also the Clinical Director for Stroke for the West Midlands Strategic Health Network.

Following my qualification in 1992, I did my postgraduate training in Medicine in South Manchester, North Wales and Exeter.   My Specialist Training was in the West Midlands during which time I developed a Special Interest in Stroke Medicine. I did my Stroke Fellowship year at St. Mary’s Hospital London. I worked as a Specialist Registrar for 3 years at the University Hospital North Midlands and having enjoyed every bit of my time here I returned back to the Potteries as a Consultant Stroke Physician.

Since my appointment here at UHNM I lead the Implementation of the Regional thrombolysis rota across Shropshire and Staffordshire.

I have been Championing Stroke prevention secondary to atrial fibrillation to the wider community with key aim of preventing disabling strokes. Established this unique service which was nurse led intervention and this work was recognised with the Royal College of Physicians innovation in Patient Care Award for our work on Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation 2016

I lead the Implementation of Neuro-interventional pathway for Hyper-acute strokes for clinical and research purposes at University Hospital of North Midlands and the wider West Midlands region in my role as the Regional Clinical Director for Stroke.

Stroke and Me

When I was a trainee doctor at Royal Stoke Hospital I got inspired in a career in Stroke Medicine  from Prof. Roffe who was my mentor.  My clinical work in stroke includes TIA/stroke clinics, a specialist service for people with cardioembolic strokes  or conditions that may cause it, out-of-hours thrombolysis on call work, and emergency stroke outreach services to my hospital’s emergency department and also to support the local hospitals needing expert stroke advice across the West Midlands.