The British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP) was founded in 1999 with the overarching goal of promoting stroke medicine within Great Britain. This was initially related to facilitating research by helping to establish research collaborations. An annual scientific meeting was set up to allow stroke physicians to present and exchange scientific ideas. Since then, there have been major improvements in the care of people with stroke and at risk of stroke, including stroke prevention, acute stroke care and rehabilitation.

BASP members have contributed to the establishment of stroke medicine as a sub-speciality, and to the development of evidence based services throughout the UK: these include TIA clinics, hyper-acute stroke care, stroke units and early supported discharge. New research evidence, new approaches to the training of stroke physicians and service provision, will continue to influence how stroke services develop. BASP was also a key coalition partner in the UK Stroke forum, the largest inter-disciplinary stroke meeting in the UK.