Following consultation and a vote with our members BASP has decided to rebrand to BIASP, British and Irish Association of Stroke Physicians, effective from Thursday 2 December 2021.

Below we explain the reason for this change in more details.  The following will take place:

2 December 2021 following BIASP AGM:
Launch of new logo and name
Launch of new twitter
Launch of new email address*

*(please note will remain active for many months to come to ensure no communications are missed)

January 2021
Launch of new website


BASP was founded in 1999 with the overarching goal of promoting stroke medicine within “Great Britain”, although it has focussed on advancing stroke medicine in the United Kingdom (also including Northern Ireland). BASP had not extended its remit to the RoI, yet many of our colleagues there have trained in the UK and deliver similar stroke services. Our similarities, and the benefits and need for advancing stroke medicine together have become even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic, at the Five Nations Stroke Meetings that have provided a focus for national stroke leaders and patient advocacy organisations in the UK and RoI.


In the RoI, there are ~16 consultants delivering stroke services. Some stroke physicians in the RoI are members of the Irish geriatrics/neurology societies, but there is no specific professional association for stroke physicians/geriatricians/neurologists. Rónán Collins is the clinical lead of the National Stroke Program in the RoI.


The history, current situation for our colleagues in the RoI, and BASPs experience with the Five Nations Stroke Meetings – where there is a strong will to be inclusive and collaborate – motivated BASP to seek our members’ views about including members from the RoI. Objective 4.3 of the BASP strategic plan 2021-2024 was to, “consult BASP members about changing the scope of BASP to include members and an executive committee member from the RoI, and a change of name for the Association to reflect this.”

In preparation for this, we consulted with other British and Irish organisations, listened to their advice, and developed a timeline for consulting BASP members and then considering their views with Rónán Collins and his colleagues in the RoI.