Membership Details

Full Member: £195 per year
Those physicians who hold a substantive Consultant post, or equivalent, an Associate Specialist post or a senior Specialty Doctor post and who have an interest in Stroke Medicine may apply to become a Full Member of the Association.

Associate Member: £30 per year
Those physicians who are in training grades or who hold a substantive post at other than Consultant grade, or equivalent, and who have an interest in Stroke Medicine (but are ineligible for full membership) may apply to become an Associate Member of the Association.

Affiliate Member: £30 per year
Any other person, whether or not medically qualified, who has a demonstrable interest in stroke medicine, may apply to become an Affiliate Member.

Retired Member: £30

Student member: free for duration as student

Benefits of joining BASP

  • Substantially discounted registration fee for UK Stroke Forum
  • Partnership with other organisation – discounted rates to join the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and the World Stroke Organisation (WSO).
  • Monthly electronic newsletter
  • Access to the BASP website
  • Opportunities to be elected to BASP Committees and to shape the future of UK Stroke Medicine
  • Full members can vote in the BASP Elections
  • Invitation to attend the BASP AGM
  • Medical student essay competition. Two winners will be invited to present at the BASP Trainees meeting (expenses paid)
  • The BASP Warlow Prize is to be presented to the best abstract presentation by a BASP member who is a medical trainee or consultant of 3 years standing at the UK Stroke Forum
  • Eligibility for BASP President Prize
  • Eligibility for BASP support for CEA applications

Do you know a colleague who would benefit from joining BASP?  The below resources will help you to inform them about BASP